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Trayvon Martin used racial slurs, was he a racist? – Defense Team

Almost everyone knows about the Trayvon Martin case, if not, in February 2012 George Zimmerman, a 28 year old neighborhood watch volunteer, shot and killed unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin who was walking in a gated community in Sanford, FL where his father resided.  Defense claims Zimmerman shot and killed Martin out of self-defense, while family, friends, supporters and prosecutors state the killing was racially motivated.


Within the last few days George Zimmerman defense team questioned key witness, 19-year Rachel Jeantel, about the phone conversation she had with Martin moments before his death. During trial she stated Martin used the derogatory term “cracker” when explaining the man (Zimmerman) following him.


Travon referred to Zimmerman as a “Cracker”? – Why is this relevant?

It is true, Martin referred to Zimmerman as a cracker while on the phone with the key witness, who by the way is being ridiculed for statement in court which may have hurt the case.  Back to the point, he referred to Zimmerman as a “cracker” so it can be assumed that Trayvon Martin was a racist for using a racial slur. Again, why is this relevant?

Zimmerman’s defense attorney made it seem highly important to the case when questioning witness Jeantel several times about Martins use of the word “cracker”, and some white commentors on numerous news channels, articles, and blogs made comments stating how blacks claim Zimmerman killing Martin is racially motivated which implies Zimmerman is a racist, but fail to mention Martin was racist for using the term “cracker” when referring to Zimmerman (which may mean Martin responded the way he did because Zimmerman is white). Further declaring how “blacks don’t like it when non-blacks use the “N” word but feel it is ok to refer to whites  as crackers”. With that being said, let’s assume Trayvon Martin was in fact a racist.

Does it make it right or is it legal to shoot and kill someone because they are racist?

Martin was not following Zimmerman, nor did he shoot and kill Zimmerman so referring to him as a “cracker” is irrelevant. If Trayvon was being followed by a black man the conversation may have  been something like  “this nigga is following me”, it means nothing because Trayvon Martin did not turn to confront Zimmerman because he was white he turned to confront him because he was being followed and may have felt threatened.


Zimmerman’s phone call to police department

He was asked not to follow Martin. He followed him anyway which resulted in Martin’s death. Zimmerman was highly suspicious of Trayvon because of how he looked. He made this evident in his phone conversation with police dispatcher. After identifying Martin as black, describing his attire, and making an assumption he was on drugs stated, “These assholes they always get away.”  He followed Martin after being told not to, and shot him in the chest.

If Zimmerman never followed Martin would he be alive today?

Would Zimmerman had reacted the same way if Trayvon were white?

Bottom Line

An unarmed teenager was followed, shot and killed.

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