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Survive or Die Trying – Part 3: Are you mentally ready?

Mentality of a Hungry/Starving Person

A person used to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a regular basis, is a very dangerous person when they are deprived of food.

If this type of person did not prepare by stocking their home with enough food supply to fulfill their appetite, he or she will be the person on the streets breaking into stores, homes, and gradually becoming a “zombie”. A zombie, in this instance, is a person who is hungry for food. This person can smell food from miles away and will hurt anyone who gets in their way. Their mental state is totally off balance because their desire for food is uncontrolled, and their body is craving. If it comes down to it, they will feed off of human flesh. There will be more “zombies” than preparers. Many people don’t realize that when you aren’t prepared, it only takes one time to for something disastrous to occur that will change your life forever and that is if you survive.

Importance of fasting and eating once a day

Fasting is spiritual for many people, but it can also be a skill that is very useful during a time in which one can’t eat five small meals a day or three main meals a day. When there is no food or a lack of food, people who are used to those major meals will be trying to eat all day, while those who have learned to fast or who have learned to eat one meal a day will be able to keep food longer, or even go without food if necessary, and live much longer than those whose bodies are used to consuming food all day.

No one wants to die of hunger or thirst, though there are plenty who do succumb to these factors. Fasting is a good way to prepare you for the after math of a catastrophe. It will keep you mentally grounded, allowing you to have more self-control and discipline over your mind and body.

The power of meditation or prayer  

Imagine being home alone without lights for weeks. Everything in your city is closed due to inclement weather conditions. Looters are running rampant, making it unsafe to leave your home. Given these circumstances, all you can do is sit in your boarded up home in the dark. This can be a very unhealthy condition for a person. Do you ever wonder why people in solitude lose it mentally? If you don’t find ways to occupy yourself, you may begin to hallucinate, and possibly start talking to mice, ants, and the walls; you just might totally lose your mind.

People have become so dependent on technology, that they have forgotten the importance of taking care of themselves mentally and physically. This is where meditating comes into play. Mediating has a powerful impact on the mind, body and soul. It renews the brain and brings other benefits such as better mental and physical health, focus, satisfaction, and peace. Prayer is another form of meditation. Building a relationship with your god is important, especially if you are a spiritual person; it will help you pull through the hardest times.

Indoor Activities

Other ways to keep your sanity is investing in cross word puzzles, books, knitting kits, exercise equipment, playing cards, board games, journals, art supplies, and other activities that can be done in your home.

The mind controls you, so it’s important to take good care of it. Survival is 90% mental.





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