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Survive or Die Trying – Part 2 – What do I need to prepare?

If you have reached this point, you are ready to receive life survival lessons. Starting with the basics, the first thing to prepare is a personal survival bag for every person in your family/ household.

Survival Bag

Survival bags are handy. If a person has to leave their home because people are trying to break in or a natural disaster forces them out, they will need to have enough water, food, and medication to last their family for at least a week’s time. It must be light enough to physically carry in case you have to walk or run for safety before finding a safe place to rest your head, or to protect yourself. This bag will include food, water, blanket, extra clothing, and first aid supplies.

survival kit

Home Preparation (List available)

Stock up on food and water

Purchase canned goods and plenty of water

Gardens/Indoor gardens

Grow your own food supply. There are several ways to build mini hoop houses that can sustain you and your family rather you live in an apartment or a house. Some people save seeds from the fruit, grains, and vegetables that they purchase out of stores now to use for the future.

indoor garden


Learn how to preserve food for months to years by canning fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. You can purchase the canning tools for as low as $40.00, but it will be an investment. By canning, you are not only preserving food, but you will also have the excess water to live on in case there is a shortage on water.

canning 2canning


No lights? There are generators that can be purchased for less than $400.00 that can last up to 2 months and they are recharged by the sun. This will enable a person to cook, boil water (purification), and have electricity to do other necessary task. There are several families that have three or more generators just in case something beyond their control occurs.



First Aid Kits

People can easily get hurt, especially if there is no electricity and someone is trying to use candle light or another source of light that provides minimum visibility. A person can easily cut themselves, run into something, trip and fall, faint etc. Having everything necessary to aid someone is essential.

Water purification system

Water can rot, go bad, or spoil. Ways to tell if water is not suitable for consumption are cloudiness and strange taste or smell. There are a few ways to purify water. Boiling, purification tablets, and Clorox are ways to purify water, if you have these things handy. If you are in the wilderness, using a strip of bark, charcoal, and burnt wood can help in purifying water. This process will be enclosed in the survival manual in the link below. In cool climate you will need 1 to 2 gallons a day for each member of your household, if the temperatures are above 80 degrees you will need 3 gallons of water per day per person.

water pure

Plywood and plastic coverings will protect you from having people breaking in, in addition to keeping the smell of food or other scents that will attract people to your home.

Homemade gas mask

There are families that can afford gas masks for each member of their family but for those less fortunate, learning how to make gas mask with basic materials is very crucial.

Waste/Disposal System

If you have no running water, where will you relieve yourself? Where will you put your waste? Heavy duty garbage bags and zip lock bags are very necessary for this process.

This is just a few of the things you will need in order to survive. The link below will provide a more detailed list of supplies and procedures to follow.


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