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Survive or Die Trying – Part 1

Preparers vs. Zombies – Are you a survivor or a future zombie? Surviving days, weeks, months, and years – Find out what you are

Natural Disasters and “Doom’s Day” 

Thousands of people have lost their lives on American soil not only as a result of natural disasters, but not being able to survive after the effects. Truth is unless one has been in a situation in which they are deprived of food and water, without electricity, or in solitude from a terrible catastrophic occurrence, it is very easy to not be prepared.  Although it may not be a reality to many, we must realize that at any time any one of us can be a victim of circumstances beyond our control. Being a victim is one thing, but being prepared to be a victim is something you can avoid. This blog will cover some basic ways you can prepare now to survive later.

Are there messages in movies that predict our future state?

A very wise woman advised a group to go back and watch movies after learning the basic rules of surviving. She said you will see those movies in a new light and can understand the message it is relaying. When watching movies such “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Independence Day”,  “ I am Legend”, “World War Z”, “Contagion”, “The Purge” and hundreds of other films that have zombies, viruses, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events, many do not think for a moment those movies are exposing the future. Instead, they just remain entertained, yet uninformed.



Entertainment has caused many people to ignore the realities. The reality is there are no “Zombies” that bite people turning those people into zombies. “Zombies” can be defined as real people who become wacky and vicious because they are deprived of things they have never been without such as food and water. These are people who were not prepared to starve and lose their mind as a result of it. Their survival instincts kick in and like any hungry animal; they will attack their own kind to live.

There will be people who may have to stay inside their homes for days, weeks, and even months without electricity, water, or food. In order to stay at home for any of those periods, one must be PREPARED.

Right now, we have the luxury of going to a fully stocked grocery store, flushing our toilets, take showers, cook, and go to the hospital if someone gets sick. Imagine if you could not do any of these things, including not being able to leave your home because you put yourself at risk of danger. This is when a home will have to be the grocery store, the hospital, the place in which everything will have to be produced by you. So how can a home become these things if the homemaker has not prepared?


Preparers are the people who are viewed as paranoid and crazy. These are the people you see with their homes fully stocked, constantly growing their own resources, training their children to survive; those who appear to have weird lifestyles in the eyes of people who are used to having the luxuries of grocery stores, running water, electricity – those who are not prepared or expecting anything to happen.


The so called “weirdoes” are preparing for the worse because just as the weather is forecasted in advance, there are also economic forecasters and ancient literature that predicted the future and signs are shown every day that we will live in a time in which we will not be privy to anything, and our lives will be in jeopardy. There have always been natural disasters that killed many, forcing people out of their homes, and have hurt the economy. Many have suffered, while others continued their day to day lives with an indestructible mind state.


When you see people looting, those are more than likely people who do not have food, water or any other supplies needed in order to survive for even a week in their own home. These are the ones who will be attacking people, trying to break into your home with the intent to kill you and take what you have. Don’t worry; they won’t take your television, jewels, or money because it will be of no use. Instead, they will be going after your food and water supply because unlike you, they failed to prepare.

zombie02black homelessSurvival Pic 1

Just a few of the natural disasters/occurrences in America

2014 West Virginia – Contaminated tap water

2012 Hurricane Sandy – 147 fatalities

2011 Tornado – 160 fatalities in Joplin, Missouri

2011 Tornado – 346 fatalities in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, and Virginia

2005 Hurricane Katrina – over 1,800 fatalities (many not reported) in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

2005 Hurricane Rita – Louisiana and Texas had over 120 fatalities

Support Groups

There are plenty of religious organizations and others that keep their members informed on survival tips. Many of these groups have even prepared bunkers of their own to house and feed their members in case of a natural disaster or “Doom’s Day”.  If you have not it may be of some use to work with people of like minds to ensure you and your family will be safe by joining an organization of your choice. Safety is in numbers.

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