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Pakistan vs. America – Girls dancing – Murdered in Pakistan/Mocked in America

Pakistan sister murdered for dancing in the rain

Two Teenage sisters were murdered in an “honor” killing because a video surfaced of them dancing in the rain. The two girls and their mother were shot dead last Sunday and the attacks were carried out by the girls step brother Khutore, who supposedly killed them to restore their family’s honor. The video was recorded six months prior to the girls and their mother’s death and circulated in an area after a relative sent it to friends. According to the reports the girls were only 15 and 16 years of age. You can find the entire story at

girls dancing in the rain

“Red Nose” – American girls dancing  

Imagine what would happen to young girls who behave like American girls in the video below.

red nose white girl

Nothing happened to the girls in the video. In fact, the videos above are only two of hundreds of videos surfacing on You Tube of girls the same age or younger than the two sisters who were murdered. Even though American women or girls are not murdered for immoral acts or uncivilized conduct stricter laws should be enforced on the parents of these underage children to prevent this type of behavior.


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