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What’s up with all the “I am a GOD” talk? – What or who is God? Part 1

Have you ever heard someone say “I AM GOD”? Instead of immediately accusing these people of being psychotic, have you ever taken the time to understand why they made such a claim?

There are organizations and individuals who are declaring to be gods and have used biblical scripture, Webster’s dictionary definitions, and scientific explanations to validate their claim. Even though many will claim to be a god but profess there is a higher or Supreme Being that supersedes them in wisdom, intelligence, goodness, or power, there are others who simply state that they are the god that governs their mind, body and soul and there is no deity outside of them, further admitting to believe that the only God that governs human beings are the people themselves. Because scripture states that God is the all-seeing and all-knowing, these so called “gods” believe, as it relates to individuals, that the “all-knowing and all-seeing” is SELF because no one knows you better than you or sees everything you do, even in privacy but you, therefore making you a God.

Who is God?

In ancient history and even Greek mythology, the Gods have always displayed the characteristics of a man, even though other religious scholars will claim that God is a spirit free of form or a physical appearance, even though biblical scriptures state, “So God created mankind in his own image…” An image, as we understand it, is a representation of the external form of a person or thing. If man is made in God’s image, then God himself must be a man. How so?

God is said to be the Alpha and the Omega (the beginning and the end) and MAN’s birth record or existence to date based on modern scientist, is still an ongoing exploration and unsolved mystery, no different than that of the origin of God. Scientist are discovering bodies that are over millions of years old and for each corpse they discover it becomes more apparent that MAN is much older than what is presented by so called “credible scientists” and it becomes more apparent that scientists are far from discovering the true origin of man.

“What is the birth record of man?” This is no different than asking, “How did God come about?”

Though an explanation on the birth record of man has been provided by independent scholars who claim it to be over 76  trillion years old, their discoveries are not considered valid, even though the “credible sources” (modern day scientists) seem to be proving the non-credible sources to be correct each time they find an ancient corpse.

One scientific explanation about the origin of GOD which correlates with the origin of man was explained in a book titled, The Book of God written by True Islam. In one section of the book, the author used Albert Einstein’s discovered formula E=MC² to explain how God came to exist and further reveals that both scientists and theologians, though using different terminology, bear witness to the existence of the same self-created GOD, explaining that the origin of the self-created God proclaims to have been self-created trillions of years ago which was the beginning of MAN, the first Atom.

This explanation not only supports the organizations that claim to be Gods, but it also sheds a light on the discernment of those who do not believe in the existence of God or the Devil, such as atheists.

Based on The Book of God, True Islam states the following on page 80:

“Without a doubt, E=MC² is one of the most important discoveries, and its relevance to theological speculation is profound…When properly understood, this mathematical explanation provides the Key to the nature of God.”

On page 83, the author states, “E=MC² settled the old age question of whether God was an inbound spirit or had a material manifestation…Energy and spirit are interchangeable terms. What scientist call Energy, theologians call Spirit, and vice versa. The Spirit of God, with all the ancient Sacred Traditions, was symbolically represented as a serpent with its tail in its mouth. This is the Primordial Electric Force. The key ingredient in converting energy (Spirit) to matter, according to E=MC², is motion – high –speed motion” True Islam

The above is only an excerpt that briefly explains the beginning of the creator of “Atom or Adam”. In future reads, we will break down the origin, so take a moment and subscribe to HIT ON THE HEAD for future post on What’s up with all the “I am a GOD” talk?

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