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Truth & Misconceptions about Adam and Eve

  1. Adam and Eve in Genesis were not created by God
  2. Adam and Eve in Genesis were not the first people on the earth
  3. All men and women do not derive from the Adam and Eve mentioned in Genesis
  4. Adam and Eve did not literally eat fruit from a tree that revealed their nakedness
  5. Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden for eating off the “tree”
  6. The menstrual cycle is not a curse for Eve not following orders from God
  7. Man tilting the ground has nothing to do with Adam’s disobedience to God
  8. Who are the Adam and Eve spoken of in Genesis?


1. According to Genesis 5:2, “Male and Female created he them and called their name Adam”. This according to the Bible was the beginning of the generations of Adam. By it stating that “male and female” created Adam proves that God did not create the Adam and Eve mentioned in the Bible.  Who created the “male and female”, who created Adam?

2. Adam and Eve of Genesis genealogy traces back approximately 6000-8000 years ago. Archaeologists are still finding human corpses, tracing back over millions of years.


3. It takes a male and female to create a human being. What male and female created Adam and Eve?


4. Generations of Adam implies that there were a multitude created by the “male and female” and not just one male or female. Some people believe it is the beginning of the white race and the male and female that created them was the darker nations, considering that science can prove darker nations existed first. Others believe that the male and female are Angels. What is an angel? If not human, how can an angel produce a human being if they are not human?


A misconception of “Let us make man” is that God and Jesus made men together, while others claim it to be God and Angels, though it clearly states male and female.

For centuries man has been taught that Adam and Eve of Genesis were the first human beings on Earth.  This has been proven untrue by different scriptures in the bible. One being that Cain, who returned home was accompanied with a wife and a child from a different region.


5. The tree that Eve was forbidden to go near was not a tree, but instead, it was people. “Tree” is a symbolic representation of a person. The tree can be viewed in two different ways. When we receive knowledge, that knowledge comes from a person, not a tree or piece of fruit. When someone is being fed, they are receiving information from someone. We all know that information from computers and books is information that is transferred from the mind of one person into a technological device or typed in a book, so look at the tree for what it is.

Those who agree that the tree is symbolic for people, believe that the tree was a group of people that lived in the garden of Eden, which was pure by nature and Adam and Eve brought out of a sinful nature was not to approach them. Satan however, tempted them to eat from the tree. Satan tempted Eve by appearing in the form of a serpent, the form of a serpent meaning nothing more than having qualities of a snake. A snake is slick and creeps up on you. Literally, there wasn’t a snake talking to Eve. Have you ever heard someone say that person is a snake? It is usually a person who is up to no good that creeps up on you out of nowhere and their slick nature allows them to manipulate or deceive you.

When God advised Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree, it was because them eating from the tree would destroy the tree. It was something bad about eating from the tree of knowledge. To eat means to destroy, consume, or digest, which is what  Adam and Eve did to the group of people. The fact that Satan suggested to them to eat from that tree, reveals that the nature of Adam and Eve was not pure, and Satan knew they could destroy the people God forbid them to go near.

The exposing of Adam & Eve’s nakedness is exposing their true nature. Due to their disobedient nature, Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden was God’s Kingdom – a Kingdom of righteousness.


6. Some people believe that the curse that is put on women due to Eve’s “sin” was the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is a natural process of a female and has been around long before the generations of Adam.


7. There have been architectural developments before Adam and Eve’s existed. People were on the earth and had homes and other buildings. Adam and Eve of Genesis traces back only 6000 to 8000 years ago. There are artifacts that are found to have existed long before that which proves there were other civilizations before the Adam and Eve of the bible.


8. According to Rachel Pendergraft of the Klu Klux Klan, the Adam and Eve mentioned in the bible is the beginning of the white race. She admits that black, brown, red and yellow people existed before whites. She has admitted that the darker races created civilization and believes that whites were the last creation and was put on earth to supervise and rule the darker nations.

What Rachel Pendergraft is referring to is the “deal” God and the Devil made with one another. God allowed the Devil to supervise or rule the earth and get all the people who would follow him. The Devil was allotted a certain time in which he would be ruler than God would take back the earth and give it back to its rightful owners. If the rulers of the entire earth are the whites making them the Devil then the God of the earth is what?

God is the Alpha and the Omega. We see that the darker nations were here from the beginning and even through racial mixing the end result will once again be the darker nations. Who is God? Who is Devil? Who are the Adamites?


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