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The Mind – Adam and Eve

Written by Sista Girl WTP

The story of Adam and Eve is about the human mind. It is about a mind that has become fractured and is therefore no longer whole.

Before explaining this, I want you to make a mental note of something which will become relevant at the end of this discussion. Jesus was crucified at Golgotha, which means “place of the skull”.

In an esoteric sense, this is about the mind, and the battle is between the ears! Liberation and salvation come when we crucify the ego (through the waking conscious) and heal the mind.

In the literal story, God placed Adam in the Garden. In the beginning, Adam was alone; Eve had not been separated from him. Adam was therefore whole.

This is representative of the conscious and subconscious working in perfect unity and harmony, which is also reflected by the paradise (Garden of Eden) in which Adam dwelled.

In this state of unity consciousness, Adam was ONE with God. As the story continues, we learn that God placed Adam in a deep sleep (the realm of forgetfulness and consciousness fracture) and Eve was created.

In this new state of being, Adam represents the waking conscious of mankind and Eve represents the subconscious.

When the conscious and subconscious are no longer in unity, the state of Paradise (inner joy and peace) can no longer be maintained because the ego will take control.

Thus the fall! And of course the literal story presents us with this in the form of expulsion from the Garden.

As the story goes, Eve is tempted by the serpent or Satan (ego), and because the ego took over the driver’s seat of man’s soul, Paradise lost becomes man’s reality.

This is also spiritual death. And spiritual death = separation from God.


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