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The Book of Judges – Overcoming Errors in Consciousness

Written by: Sista Girl WTP

When a tribe was forced to war, it selected its most courageous soldier as the leader and generally retained him as a civil ruler afterwards. The rule of twelve judges is recorded in the Book of Judges; four deserving of special recognition is (Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson).

Metaphysically, the judges symbolize usage of the judgment faculty in overcoming errors in consciousness, which interferes with the progress of our spiritual unfoldment.

The enemy of the Israelites symbolizes errors in our thinking, feelings, and attitudes. Each judge demonstrates a method of judgment to subdue and overcome these errors. Deborah, the only female judge, uses intuitiveness. She chose Barak as her warrior helper. Barak represents the Will. The Canaanites were the enemies, who held very strong and stubborn beliefs in the supremacy of materiality and sensuality. Gideon represents the use of judgment united with the renunciation faculty. This is the proper use of the technique called denial. The Midianites were also enemies. The name Midian means, “strife; contention.”

Jehovah tells Gideon to, “smite the Midianites as one man.” (Judges 6:16). This verse reveals that proper use of denials can clear the consciousness of negative attitudes, strife, and contention. If irritability is allowed, it can lead to a general “souring” of the whole nature, and further, spiritual unfoldment is seriously hampered.

Jephthah represents judgment inspired by zeal in the cause of Truth. The Ammonites were the enemy. Ammonites stand for “impure, ignorant, disorderly thoughts”. This would place this kind of activity in the mind strongly in relation to thoughts and attitudes about personal gain, sex, and sensuality in general. It is not that these things in themselves are evil or wrong, but that our thinking in regard to them can become negative, selfish, and disorderly.

Samson represents judgment used with great strength. The Philistines were the enemy. Philistines would stand for any antagonistic thoughts or attitudes toward Spiritual Truth. They also stand for the tendency to “latch on to” and even worship that which is strange and bizarre in the way of religion. There is something about the purity of metaphysical truth that seems to irritate the Philistine nature. It brings forth an antagonistic reaction which can be quite unreasonable. It is for this reason, which good judgment coupled with much strength is needed to cope with the Philistine tendencies in our human nature. The main interest in the story of Samson is in regard to his affair with the Philistine woman Delilah.

The metaphysical meaning of Delilah is SENSUALITY, pure and simple! However, it is important to remember that Delilah is not so “pure and simple.” She was a Philistine; she definitely meant harm for Samson. Therefore, she stands for sensuality in its negative aspect. This can be very seductive at times, and if we let it divert our good judgment, it can rob our judgment of its strength. We can easily observe any person who is not using good judgment in his indulgence of sensuality. The word most often used to describe a person in this state is that he or she is “weak”.



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