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Telepathic Messages – Who is it coming from?

How to know when you receive a telepathic message from another person

Telepathy – the communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Whenever you think of someone, you are forming a connection with them that will enable you to plants thoughts, share ideas, express emotions, send love, spread positive energy and so much more.  How?

We all have energy cords that are connected to one another. These cords are activated the moment we think of someone, look at someone or in some cases simply pass by someone. It is similar to calling and talking to someone on the phone. From a telepathic stance when a person dials that is the person forming the thought or thinking of the person, when the person receives by picking up the phone this is the person feeling, envisioning, or physically feeling the message the person has sent telepathically.

If the person is trying to connect on a telepathic level but is unable to reach the person that very instance it is delivered like a voicemail and the receiver would receive the messages at a later time which is usually when they are in a relaxed state of mind to receive messages via feelings, emotions, dreams, etc. Our energy cords are the telephone lines, email, or other technological devices that we use in current times to communicate.

What can occur on a physical plane is nothing more than a manifestation of what is done on a spiritual plane. Everything comes from within. Through energy cords we are able to tune into the thoughts of others, gain awareness of others intentions, send thoughts that are received by others as feelings, dreams, sensations, or vice versa, and even share ideas by pushing thoughts into the atmosphere which are picked up by the minds of others.  On a physical level we are able to pick up a device call someone, email, Skype, instant message, etc. but it all stems from somewhere.

How do you think messages were received and people were able to communicate prior to technology? Where did the idea come from to be able to communicate with people from faraway places?


Receiving Messages via Feelings – Who is it coming from?

You feel a vibe. When you receive a message from someone no matter whom it is you get a feeling that is distinctly interconnected with that person. This is usually how you will know who is contacting you or who has sent you a telepathic message. The way you feel when you hear from your mother would be different than how you feel when you hear from a lover, or friend. When receiving a message you are able to feel who it is coming from, especially if you are in tuned with your spiritual connection with each person in your life. However, doubt or second guessing a first thought or feeling can cause some people to become skeptics or just think they are going crazy when in all actuality what they are experiencing telepathically is perfectly normal and has been around since the beginning of time.

If you have a strong connection with the people in your immediate circle you will immediately be able to identify when they are reaching out to you.

This also depends on the situation. If you are amongst strangers and a feeling comes over you such as insecurity, lust, uneasiness, etc. there is a likely hood that a person has sent out vibes to you from around you that is causing you to feel that way. Have you ever come in contact with a person and something just didn’t feel right? This is a case, in which you are tuning into a person’s thoughts, picking up on their energy, and internally you are projecting what you are picking up from them and it doesn’t feel right to you so the feeling you get is a bit troubling. No different than feeling up or down depending on who comes in contact with you. Usually people who are Empaths experience this more often than others because they are naturally in tuned and aware of others.


Receiving Messages via Dreams /Visions

When you receive a message telepathically through a dream, certain things are revealed many times in the conversations within the dream; the actions of the person you are dreaming of, a color, numbers that relate to the person you are picking up the information from, a glimpse of the other persons face, or other ways. The best way to know is just by being open and sharing your dreams and visions with those people you feel you are receiving the messages from or simply waiting to see what person reaches out which could confirm or reveal who it was that sent you the message. Otherwise, you may be left wondering if your telepathic experiences are even real.

There are people who have no idea that they are sending messages when they think of others. So don’t get it confused when someone comes to mind out the blue and then reaches out to you that they are aware they sent you a message.


Receiving Messages via Physical Sensations

Imagine physically experiencing a rubbing sensation go up and down your arm or back, a brush of the cheek, a sense of warmth or consolation, while no one is around. There are people who have admitted that when they were feeling down or thinking about a certain someone they would actually feel the presence or the touch of that person that would cause them to have a physical reaction.

This maybe creepy to some people  but when you experience a comforting sensation that goes up and down your arm, back, cheek, or other area of the exterior body if you are healthy and not experiencing one can be consoled on the other end someone very close to you is reaching out and you are receiving it physically. This could be someone imagining they are consoling you or comforting you and you are picking up on those vibrations through physical sensations.

Everyone receives messages differently. So while one person may experience all of the above someone people may only dream, feel, or receive a telepathic message physically.

Acknowledging the people in your life makes it so much easier to know when they are connecting with you.

Now there will be times you receive messages but not aware of whom the sender is and in this case the only way you will know is by having patience and paying attention to the people who reach out to you after that episode.

To truly know the exact person who is trying to connect with you is being conscious of the people in your life and the impact they have on you physically and spiritually. Different people’s energy causes you to feel different ways; and knowing self-first is the gateway to knowing everyone in your life on a more intimate level; which will be the tool to opening up the door of telepathy.

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