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Why the Black Madonna is “Black”? – Black people idolize white Jesus, white scholars idolize black Jesus

What is wrong with the image below?

Blacks worshipping white Jesus Popes worship black Jesus

How did this dark black baby end up a white man with long straight brown hair and blue eyes?

black jesuswhite jesus

Maryum (Mary) and Sweet Baby Jesus

“Though the people (Black Madonna) had dark or black features the exact origins are not always easy to determine so it can’t be assumed these are black people.” Many sources

Hmmmm, interesting. If the woman and child in the image were alive and real today they would be considered black, right? What other race can a dark black person be? White?  Read “Census Retake- The real reason whites are the majority.

jesus before and after

If the “Black Madonna” was a “White Madonna” there would be no talk about the origin because no matter the derivation of a white person, they are still considered white. Why is this not the same for black people? Indigenous people are the original people who are considered to be of the darker nations and the darker nations are?

white m

There are black people across the globe just as whites so no matter where Maryum is from if she is black.

What’s the big deal? – Critics: “Okay Maryum was a black woman who cares”

Okay so if we all agree Maryum is black based on evidence in all the images above and below what is her son? Jesus Christ couldn’t possibly be “black”. If Jesus Christ was a man who walked the earth, a human being, in the flesh, born of a black woman who is also flesh, Jesus had a race. Keep in mind (Read “Census Retake”) a nationality is different than a race. Jesus Christ born out of the womb of Maryum (Mary) a black woman is indeed black.

Pope in church with black woman behind

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

The top 3 reasons the black Madonna is black has been explained as follows:

1) Dark brown and black skin matching that of the indigenous population.

2) Art forms have turned blacks due to certain physical factors such as: deterioration of lead-based pigments; accumulated smoke from the use of votive candles; and accumulation of grime over the ages.

3) No explanation

 black madonna poland

Why is this so important?

  1. Answering a question with a question: Why was it important for European artist to paint images of “Jesus” white?
  2. If Jesus is indeed black will white people have a problem still praising and worshipping him as their lord and savior?
  3. f no, why should blacks continue to worship and praise the white “Jesus”?


black madonna


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