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What history reveals about “Dog Ownership” – Is it a white people thing?

How and when did “dogs” become “man’s best friend”? Was the origin of the phrase “man’s best friend” referring to all cultures or the Caucasian culture? Has there been an increase in the number of black dog owners in more recent years? If yes, is this increase due to black people embracing and accepting the white culture (dog ownership) as their own?

In 2012 South African President Jacob Zuma revealed to the South African people that pet ownership is part of “white culture”. He thinks that the members of ‘the previously oppressed African majority’ who love dogs have a ‘lack of humanity’ and that some people are trying in vain to ’emulate whiteness.’Concluding that the idea of having a pet is part of “white culture” and that people should focus on family welfare. Though many were offended at the comment made by President Jacob, the president’s office made an attempt to clarify his remarks, saying he was encouraging “the previously oppressed African majority” to uphold its own culture.

In many African cultures, animals served a purpose and did not reside in the homes, nor were they treated how pets are among the Caucasian races. Even in current times in many African households the dog is kept outdoors to protect the home from other scavengers or notify the owners when people were approaching. Many people of African descent will profess today that animals living in a home is unsanitary and many are even opposed to owning dogs. This is not because they are “animal haters” it is just not a normal practice in African cultures. On the other hand you may find that there are more Caucasian dog owners than any race on the earth. This is because the Caucasian people and the dog have a long history together and derive from the same parts of the earth.

Brief History on the relationship of mankind and the dog

“Amid the harsh, icy lands of ancient Europe, early man found himself an unexpected companion — the snarling, carnivorous wolf — which would eventually become his modern-day counterpart’s best furry friend.

The docile wolves bred and stuck with their new human friends. They stopped intermingling as much with the wild wolves. After generations upon generations of selective breeding, wolves slowly became more like the dogs of today.

So when a few of the friendlier wolves started to hang around for leftover mammoth, perhaps the humans didn’t mind because they provided a little extra protection. They began the first step toward domestication by co-existing with wolves in a mutually beneficial relationship, the scientists speculate.” (Dailynews.com Meeri Kim, Washington Post)

The first paragraph above reveals that in Europe, which consists of predominantly Caucasian/Caucasoid or Europid people, the “early man”, of European descent and the furry dog (the fur coat implying the dog was from a colder region), were acquainted in the “icy lands of ancient Europe”. In the 3rd paragraph it reveals that the dog of today were of the friendlier “wolves”. We all know wolves are wild animals and by providing protection to the Europeans reveals that they were also living in the wild, which will be further discussed throughout this article.

The word Caucasian derives from the word Caucasus and Asia. Caucasians (people of the Caucasus Mountains) resided in the hillsides of Europe a region between Europe and East Asia. According to researchers all “modern dogs” DNA traces back to East Asia, Asia divided from Europe by the mountains (Caucasus Mountains) and a great barrier of ice, snow and rock.

Based on the evidence from University of Turku academic Olaf Thalmann’s research, Dr. Zadik’s article examines the idea that dogs could have initially been domesticated in Europe at a time when humans were still hunter-gatherers. Hunter gatherers are a people of a nomadic society who obtained food from wild life and plants, which is how the Caucasian stumbled upon the wild dog and formed a “mutually beneficial relationship”. A dog protects and the “man” provides food, shelter, and comfort.

Dogs, based on their genetic makeup, are not from warmer regions. Even canine creatures such as the hyena that can be found in savannahs, forest edges, and caves of warmer regions derived from Eurasia, where they dwelled for millions of years. African cultures never allowed animals to live in their homes and were only exposed to this type of living when conquered by Europeans who brought with them their “furry pets”.

Black scholar Elijah Muhammad taught that “…the dog stayed in the cave with the family notifying them when other beasts were trying to get in the cave.

He’d (Caucasian man) sit outside of the cave at night in a tree with rocks in his hands and if any beast came up and tried to get in the cave at his family he’d throw rocks or had a club that he would swing down and try to drive it away. He (Caucasian man) was a hairy dog. He had a tail like a dog and a smell like a dog and nothing could get along with him but another dog.

And the dog can eat at the table, lick out the same plate, and white people kiss their dogs on the nose and in the mouth…” (Paraphrasing speech made by Malcolm X)

Though the above statement was ridiculed, claiming to have had a racist connotation, it provides a realistic depiction of the long relationship between white people and the dog which is still apparent to date. It also explains the reason why the Europeans needed protection in the wilderness.

whi kissing dog women kiss sharing food with dog




Though not spoken aloud, many black households have had discussions on the smell of white people claiming they smell like dogs. Could this be the reason? The conditions of the white living in the caves in colder regions explains their hairiness, pale skin, and why to date some have to still get surgical procedures to remove tails.

Below are images of Caucasian people which provide genetic evidence supporting the above statement that reveals the closeness between the dog and the reason the domesticated dog is so loved in European households today.

men with tails




“After one thousand years of being in the caves white people were on all fours.  And they were living in the outdoors where it’s cold so by being out there in the cold their hair got longer and longer growing all over their bodies. By being on all fours the end of their spine begin to grow. They grew a little tail that came from the end of their spine…up in the caves of Europe. You ever notice that anything that walks on all fours has a tail?” (Paraphrasing speech made by Malcolm X)

hairy man

There is an origin to everything and “man’s best friend” is no exception. Many cultures especially African cultures, never owned pets or befriended animals for personal benefits. Farm animals were for consumption,  to feed their families, animals such as dogs were used for guarding the outer part of the home.  In Africa there was no need to hunt for animals because the animals that Africans did partake in were cattle, chicken, and lamb which does not require hunting. The dog has been the shadow of the Caucasian people for centuries and beyond and though it is popular belief that the dog is “all man’s best friend” this has not been the case for other cultures, especially blacks.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like” discloses the relationship of black people and dogs, and the reason many blacks to date believe that the dog is “white man’s best friend”. It covers the ways dogs were used against people of African descent across the globe that were conquered by Europeans. This explains the fear many black people have of dogs today further implying the dog was never a part of a black culture.

“Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes suffering the indignity of dogs barking at them, for dogs shouldn’t be able to distinguish race, since it is but a social construct. Must be something in the air, pheromones perhaps that induce the barking…Black people know that dogs are merely the white man’s best friend.” (Stuff Black People Don’t Like) tp://sbpdl.net/2010/04/10/33-dogs-barking-at-them/

Professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, in 2011 stated that the dog is “White man’s best friend”. Many blacks would agree with Mayweather because they too have witnessed the closeness of white people and their beloved friend. Since this is known among black people why then do you think black people would embrace this so called “white culture”? http://www.examiner.com/article/mayweather-claims-that-the-dog-is-the-white-man-s-best-friend

Other information/Links

“Cave Dwellers – Despite the name, only a small portion of humanity has ever dwelt in caves: caves are rare across most of the world; most caves are dark, cold, and damp;”

“Approximately 100,000 years ago, some Neanderthal humans dwelt in caves in Europe and western Asia. Caves there also were inhabited by some Cro-Magnons from about 35,000 years ago until approximately 8,000 B.C.

The reason for this special bond has long been debated. http://www2.le.ac.uk/news/blog/2013/november/where-did-our-canine-companions-originate

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/south-african-president-dog-man-best-friend-article-1.1228138#ixzz33hMAgvay

Topics of Discussion

Why do you think dogs are being classified as children and extended family members to Caucasian people (and now many other cultures)?

With the many videos surfacing of people having sexual intercourse with dogs, the statements about dogs being peoples “children”, “grandchildren”, “brothers and sisters”. Do you think a romantic relationship (though in existence but remains taboo) between people and the domesticated dog will be deemed as a “normal lifestyle” in the near future?

Even though the “dog” has been fully domesticated and there is nothing wrong with being a dog owner do you believe the close relationship between dogs and their black owners (or additions to families) stems from European influences?

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