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Historical evidence that proves “Jesus Christ” never existed and was created by Constantine (Romans)

The Council of Nicea – The Council that created Jesus Christ

The origin of the “Savior” – Later becoming the person worshipped today as Jesus Christ

Ptolemy 1 Meryamun Setepenre (c.a. 367-283 B.C.E- Before Common Era) (aka Soter) (“Soter” means savior) became the first European pharaoh of Egypt through military force led by Alexander the Greek (a.k.a Alexander the Great). When Ptolemy became pharaoh of Egypt, he wanted the Egyptians to consecrate him as a god. He wanted to be called a god because that was the title all of the pharaohs of Egypt were called prior to him. However, the people of Egypt refused to call him a god because they knew the only reason he became a pharaoh was through force, so in “305 BC -Ptolemy took the title of Pharaoh, taking the Egyptian name Meryamun Setepenre, which means “Beloved of Amun (Amun means God) Chosen of Ra(Ra means God)”, and because of the Egyptians refusal to acknowledge him as a God, he began killing the people of Egypt, which caused the Egyptian priests at Memphis to give into his request by agreeing to consecrate him to priesthood, in order to save their own lives.

The key words in the above passage to keep in mind during your reading: Meryamun, Setepenre, Soter, which are words that were used to create the fictitious character of JESUS CHRIST in AD by Roman Emperor Constantine (Meryamun, Setepenre, Soter were used in B.C). The images of Ptolemy below, which are similar to the images that are depicted as “Jesus” today, were forced upon the Africans and were ordered to be worshipped by the people of Rome. Let us continue to A.D.

serapis 2jesus

Serapis Christus Greco Roman c.a 135 B.C.E. The marble image in the London museum is the image they use of Christ (Jesus) today. Christus was also the nickname for Serapis.

What is Serapis? (Origin of JESUS CHRIST)

Ptolemy’s rule was to create a deity that would be worshipped by both the Egyptians and the Greeks. He created “Serapis “, the made up Graeco-Egyptian god that was invented in the 3rd century B.C., portrayed as Greek in appearance, but with Egyptian accessories, representing both wealth and resurrection.

“Egypt, which you commended to me my dearest Servianus, I have found to be wholly fickle and inconsistent and continually wafted about by every breath of fame. The worshippers of Serapis here are called Christians and those who are devoted to the god Serapis (I find) call themselves Bishops of Christ. Hadrian to Servianus 134 AD.”

Constantine and Arius

Constantine the Greek (a.k.a Constantine the Great) Roman Emperor from 306 to 337, is known for being the first Roman emperor to be converted to Christianity which strangely enough, Arius of Libya (256-356 AD) born of African descent centuries after Ptolemy 1, had a problem with the Roman empire teaching the Africans and the people of Rome to worship a statue and celebrating death. He was considered a heretic, a professed believer (of God), who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church (what the religious authorities usually controlled by government deem as the truth). Because he started attracting so many followers due to his teachings that were contrary to the Romans, Constantine called the council by summoning all the bishops to discredit Arius, The Council of Nicaea. During the time when this meeting was called upon, there was no mention of Jesus Christ at all; no man had ever existed by the name JESUS Christ, and an important fact is that this all took place Anno Domino (AD) (which Christians claim means after the death of Christ) but in Latin means ‘in the year of the lord’. The name Jesus Christ didn’t exist before the meeting was called (read the statements made during that timeframe). It was only after this that they presented to the people the name JESUS CHRIST.

What Lord are they referring to? Kings have always been referred to as Lords or gods.

If Jesus Christ didn’t exist during the time this meeting took place nor ever heard of whom are people worshipping today? Serapis Christus?

Nicean Creed – Jesus Christ is born

Nicean creed which became the statement of the Christian faith was written decreed and sanctified by 318 Roman Catholic bishops at the council in 325 AD (some believe this transformation took place “Council of Chalcedon” 451AD).

“We believe in one God the Father all-powerful of all things both seen and unseen one Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God the only begotten from the father, that is from the substance of the father, god from god, light from light, true god from true god, begotten not made, consubstantial with the father, through whom all things came to be both those in heaven and those in earth for us humans and for out salvation he came down and became incarnate became human suffered and rose up on the third day went up into the heavens is coming to judge the living and the dead and in the holy spirit”  (The origin of the Trinity)

The authorities shut Arius down and threatened him with death to keep his mouth shut. They positioned the creed during the time when people started becoming aware of the lies and deception, and ordered all books to be burned; destroying all ancient writings, “no evidence no argument”, and the outcome was the transformation from Serapis Christus, which means Christ the Savior, to Jesus Christ by edict of Emperor Constantine in 325 AD.

Authors comment

Christians, do your research. There may have been a man that walked the earth in the land known as Nazareth that attempted to guide the people back to righteousness, but, this man was not JESUS CHRIST. You see no mention of any man in Nazareth named JESUS mentioned during the meetings in Rome, or of a woman named Mary (the virgin) giving birth to a child named Jesus.

This would explain why there is so much emphasis put on JESUS CHRIST in the bible, which further explains why God all of a sudden had to have a “son” (sun of God was turned to the son of God by Europeans, which is why every picture of Jesus has the sun behind his head. (Sun Ra, Sun of Ra (God)). The man you acknowledge as Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born in 4 BC; all of the above took place before that date.


“The only thing necessary for falsehood to triumph is for good men and good women to remain silent.”  

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  1. ?the doctor is wrong Christ doesn’t mean exalted one it means to rule or ruler from Greek word christos meaning to rule all these religions are fake and for one purpose especially Christianity the books words and so much more has been changed to think your religion right is sad believe in what you want just understand its just a belief you live and you die I know that to be true and 1000 of years from now it will be the same thing so make yours count who knows what happens after its a possibility that its over when its over

  2. To whom it may concern.

    I’ve read your piece on your opinion of the origin of the person and name Jesus Christ. And I do agree with you that Christianity is a hybrid religion and that the Messiah who is The One, as you said “There may have been a man that walked the earth in the land known as Nazareth that attempted to guide the people back to righteousness”. He is the Messiah, and it was not an attempt, but He succeeded to bring righteousness to the people. The problem is that man chooses not to accept. But those who do, will be saved.
    Christianity is a combination of paganism with the original faith of our Creator and Messiah. Emperor Constantine 1 was instrumental in the changes and the Catholic church followed through with this faith tainted with wormwood.
    In no uncertain terms you tell the Christians to do their research, and I agree with you but you yourself fall way short of the truth.
    For man to understand why the Christian faith has gone the way it has you need to study Scripture. You need to understand why this has happened. Ever since the fall man has sinned and disobeyed our Heavenly Father. He has warned man and they took no heed. Our heavenly Father ( יהוה) continued to warn and told His people Israel, that He would give them a certificate of divorce and scatter them all over the world. They would intermarry with the pagans, adopt their beliefes and they would not recognise who they are anymore.
    The Southern Tribes went to Babylon. A remnant of them repented and after their punishment was fulfilled they returned to Israel. But the northern tribes were scattered north towards Europe. Their punishment was 390 years times seven. That would then be 2730 years. This happened from 745 – 721 BC. Which means only from about the year 1996 is the punishment being lifted. In that time Christianity was born and still today exist. Yahuah’s ( יהוה) people were lost all these years, but He did not forget them. He sent His Son Yahusha ( יהושע) to save His people. His Name is not Jesus, this is a deception from Satan to get Yahuah’s people to bring His Name to naught, which is breaking the 3rd commandment.
    Our messiah was sent for the lost, those scattered. Scripture talks about the regathering, which is happening now.
    Is Scripture the truth? Absolutely! And can be proven. I’ll give you the short version how this is done.
    The New Testament was written AD50-90. Which means that the people were still alive who witnessed the crucifixion, and when this was written. They were eye witnesses when Yahusha Messiah was put on the stake. The eye witness account you will find in 1Cor 15. This is very important. If we compare it with an event such as the holocaust and why it will always be remembered. Man will not forget, and if one would want to change it he would need to change the original and all copies of written work. Which is impossible.
    That is why we know the truth of the death and resurrection of our Messiah. We do not have any of the originals manuscripts. But we do have 5300 Greek and altogether of Syriac, Latin, Coptic and Aramaic 24 633 texts of the NT to confirm the wording of The Scriptures.
    We have writings of non believers confirming the ministry, death and resurrection:
    - Flavius Josephus – AD 93
    - The Babylonian Talmud – AD 70 – 200
    - Pliny the Younger’s letter to the Emperor Trajan – approx AD 100
    - Annals of Tacitus – AD 115 – 117
    - Mara Bar Serapion – AD 73
    - Suetonius Life of Claudius and life of Nero – AD 120

    With the New Testament being proved to be the truth, we have many prophecies of the birth, life and ministry of our Messiah written 750 – 1000 years before He was born. Which were all fulfilled.
    Scriptural prophecies are unique in that it is very specific, unlike any psychic prediction.
    Eg. The very tribe, city and time of Yahusha’s coming. None of these failed. 191 Prophecies of the Messiah were written 100’s of years before He was born. They were beyond human ability to fake fulfilment.
    If Yahusha were a mere human He would have had no control when(Dan 9:24-27) where(Micah 5:2) or how He would be born(Isaiah 7:14) .
    He would have had no control over how He would die. (Psalm 22 & Isaiah 53)
    He would not have been able to do miracles (Isaiah 35:5&6)
    He would not have been able to rise from the dead.( Psalm 2 & 16)

    Statistically it would be impossible that all these events would have converged randomly in the life of one person. Mathematicians have calculated for just 16 predictions being fulfilled in one person’s life at 1 in 10to the power of 45.
    For 48 predictions 1 in 10 to the power of 157. It is impossible to conceive of a number that large, let alone 191 prophecies.
    It is not just a statistical impossibility that rules out the theory that Yahusha engineered His prophecy fulfilments.

    Scripture is the only Book of faith that contains Scientific facts. Here are some facts mentioned long before man figured it out.
    Science expresses the universe in 5 terms. Time, space, matter, power and motion. This can be found in the 1st book, first chapter of Scripture.
    Invisible atoms – Hebr 11:3
    Expansion of the earth – Ps 104 ;2
    The earth’s free float – Job 26:7
    Revolving of the earth – Luk 17:34
    1st law of thermodynamics – Gen 2:1
    2nd law of thermodynamics – Is 51:6
    Radio waves travel at the speed of light – Job 38:35
    Other scientific facts that can be found in Scripture are: All rivers run into the sea; cycle of air currents; ocean currents; blood clotting etc.

    This must give you something to think about. But it is not all, let us look at some other amazing facts.
    If you were to take 10 people who grew up and lives in the same area, doing the same job, have the same interests etc. Get them to write on one controversial topic, you will struggle to get them to agree on the topic.

    Scripture was written over a period of 1500 years, by more than 40 authors, from all walks of life ( fishermen, politicians, generals, kings, shepherds, historians and a medical doctor).
    They wrote in dungeons, temples, on beaches, hillsides during peace and war.
    They wrote over 100’s of controversial subjects with complete harmony and agreement.
    This I believe if sufficient evidence for me to believe The Word of Yahuah is the truth and nothing but the truth.

    Let us look at our Creator and see if He is real.
    If you see a painting, you know there is a painter. No matter what you look at whether a car, building or a watch, you know man made it.

    Let us look at our surroundings ( I like to call it creation).
    The just right oxygen level for survival of mankind and animal kingdom.
    The just right distance of the earth from the sun, the tilt, rotation and elliptical orbit around the sun to warm the earth evenly with a narrow range of temperatures.
    The influence of the moon on the earth to prevent the oceans of becoming stagnant, which in turn allows for life to exist in the sea.
    Water’s surface tension allows water to reach the top of the trees, to allow growth.
    Everything freezes from the bottom up, water from the top down, this allows for water animals to survive in the water.
    The highly complex informational code – DNA which proves the human body didn’t just come into being.
    These few facts shows that from the very inception, the universe had to be fine tuned to an incomprehensible precision for the existence of life like ours.
    Look at the complexity of the human body, how about the emotions of love, hate, joy and sadness. No human nor computer can create these.
    The above does show to this point in a very compelling way, that there has to be an intelligent designer. It had to be created by a Supernatural power to have been created so perfectly.
    They might find it hard to believe in something they can’t see. Which is a valid argument but not an impossibility. They do believe wind exists, gravity, love and none of these they can see. They believe in them because they can see its effect in their life. Therefore it is acceptable to reason that there is a Creator looking at the effect He has on creation.
    So, in a nutshell, there is a Creator, He has given us His Word to study and obey. Then we will understand His will for us. His will for us to be saved and serve Him always.

  3. peter fowlkes says:

    I have been studying the bible for six months eight to ten hours a day and this is the fist book I ever read and on the journey things where no adding up if after six months of study and hearing preachers for over fifty years why have what I been reading only confirm what I was reading and the info above only confirm my thoughts that something did not seem right about jesus I could figgure just by his name he was not a hebrew and that he was a greek name and was false the letter j tells me and the reseach about only confirm my thinking we need to get the truth out those white devils are doing a lot of damage to our home streets neighborhoods and our nimrod stepal churches birthing out a generation of ignore to the truth of salvation.

  4. The ideas of trying to dispute the existence of Jesus is a fallacy, you cant just pick names and facts to create your story remember,not all fact are truth so see the truth from Revelations point of view ok Jesus do exist I had seen him appeared to me in a very bright light than the day sun though I couldn’t seen his eyes because of the living beam light that radiate from all over His body, so in my gut Jesus is true and real don’t use theory to prove it, he is not a created being rather the creator HE IS REAL

  5. ALL praises to our Most High father Ahaya(I AM THAT I AM) in the name of his son Yashaya.#research

  6. “The name Jesus Christ is more faithfully rendered Jesus THE Christ, Christ meaning “anointed one”. It is a title rather than a last name. Jesus natural name would have been Jesus bar Joseph (Jesus son of Joseph) as Joseph was His mother’s husband at the time of His birth. So no you wouldn’t see Jesus Christ or Jesus the Savior”
    So God is Mary’s baby daddy….This is nonsense. Jesus was not the name of the man who walked the streets and taught the Torah in Nazareth. Mary was not a virgin when she was having sex with Joseph, it was prophesized the man you call Jesus would be born of the virgin Mary so if it was prophesized that means she was a virgin etc during the prophetic vision. “Jesus” could have still been a child of God just like anyone else who submits their will to God and walks in the path of righteousness. We live in a world full of spooky people who want to believe in the unbelievable.
    Joseph is “Jesus” biological father and the people who consider themselves Christians have warped religion making everything into something that it is not. God is made out to be the big spirit in the sky the devil is the spooky man in the fire, heaven and hell is the biggest lie ever told.
    Previous Kings have created a religion to work in their favor by controlling people with complete nonsense. All the opinions and so called “history” people are using to make “Jesus” real is wasting time. 1+1=2 that is a fact and there is no denying it. “Jesus” is not a real person nor is there proof he ever existed.
    If you can admit the name Christ means anointed one look for that Christ today and stop worrying about a dead man from 2000 years ago

  7. Dr. Janice Helena Hawkins says:

    Error – Historical evidence that proves “Jesus Christ” never existed and was created by Constantine (Romans) on April 25, 2013 at 1:26 am
    The Council of Nicea – The Council that created Jesus Christ

    The author of this piece has strung together a number of separate ideas to support his theory that Jesus the Christ was created by Constantine and never existed.

    Ptolemy 1 was credited for combining to create Amun-Ra, a solar creator god as early as the fifth dynasty. Amun-Ra was given the official title “king of the gods” by worshippers, and images show the combined deity as a red-eyed man with a lion’s head that had a surrounding solar disk. The sculpture pictured is a rather common form of Grecian statuary. Any art student from the Renaissance era was inspired by Grecian and roman art, as subsequently found it had nothing to do with the actual appearance of Jesus who had no statues or paintings of Him during His time on earth.

    Ptolemy sent great assistance to Rhodes when it was besieged by Demetrius (305/304) during a war. Pausanias reports that the grateful Rhodians bestowed the name Soter (“saviour”) upon him. This was a practical rather than a spiritual title given by a grateful people. To draw a parallel between Ptolemy or Amon Ra on the translation of a specific single term “savior” is erroneous for a number of reasons. The Bible only uses the term savior only once in regard to Jesus. His mother Mary said: “My soul exalts the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior Luke (1:46-47). The word Savior simply means a person who rescues another from harm, danger, or loss as Ptolemy did 300 hundred years earlier and it is commonly used among Christians to describe Jesus’ role in our lives.

    Ptolemy I’s created a deity that would be worshipped by both the Egyptians and the Greeks. Serapis was devised during the 3rd century BC on the orders of Ptolemy I of Egypt combined iconography from a great many cults, representing both abundance and resurrection. The cult survived until all forms of religion other than Nicene Christianity were suppressed or abolished under Theodosius I in 391.

    The name Jesus Christ is more faithfully rendered Jesus THE Christ, Christ meaning “anointed one”. It is a title rather than a last name. Jesus natural name would have been Jesus bar Joseph (Jesus son of Joseph) as Joseph was His mother’s husband at the time of His birth. So no you wouldn’t see Jesus Christ or Jesus the Savior

    This scholar bases his belief that the cult of Serapis and Christianity melded based on an alleged single letter from Hadrian to Servianus 134 AD. The ultimate source for this argument is a work by Robert Taylor called the Diegesis, which quotes an alleged letter of Emperor Hadrian to his brother-in-law Servianus… there is more to the quote: It goes on to speak of rulers of Jewish synagogues, Samaritans, and presbyters of the church, and Hadrian says that there are none of these “who is not either an astrologer, a soothsayer, or a minister to obscene pleasures,” and though they proclaim allegiance to either Serapis or Christ, their only real god is money. this letter is actually quoted by Flavius Vopiscus (a historian writing in 300 AD!), who in turn is said to be quoting Phlegon, a freedman of Hadrian generally regarded it as “spurious.

    This author’s claim there were no previous proofs of the life of Christ ignores Flavius Josephus (a.k.a. Joseph ben Matityahu in Hebrew) was a Jew who is considered one of the definitive scholars of that time. The earliest description of Jesus outside of the Gospels is found in Josephus’ Jewish Antiquities circa the year 90. Or Clement of Alexandria (c. 150 – 215) (Titus Flavius Clemens) was an early African Christian philosopher and one of the most distinguished teachers of the Church of Alexandria. He is known for his attempt to unite North Africans who were the first to receive and embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The early church in North Africa went through severe persecutions A.D. 64 thru 311. In response, the church established the Catechetical Schools of Alexandria, among other similar schools of Christian truction. Many significant leaders of the faith emerged from the early African church.
    All of which predate Constantine’s Nicene council.

    the Ethiopian Church originated with a royal official baptized by Philip the Evangelist during the time of Jesus (between 30 and 60 A.D.). “Then the angel of the Lord said to Philip, Start out and go south to the road that leads down from Jerusalem to Gaza. So he set out and was on his way when he caught sight of an Ethiopian. This man was a eunuch, a high official of the Kandake (Candace) Queen of Ethiopia in charge of all her treasure”. (Acts, 8:26-27) The Ethiopic version of this verse reads “Hendeke” (ህንደኬ); Queen Gersamot Hendeke VII was the Queen of Ethiopia from ca. 42 to 52.

    Orthodox Christianity became the established church of the Ethiopian Axumite Kingdom under king Ezana in the 4th century .One of the few pre-colonial Christian churches of sub-Saharan Africa, the Ethiopian Church has a membership of between 40 and 45 million the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is the longest continuous Christian church to this day.

    Note the dates Constantine the Greek (a.k.a Constantine the Great) Roman Emperor from 306 to 337, is known for being the first Roman emperor to be converted to Christianity; This document is a mixture of opinion, conjecture and poorly researched facts. Dates are mixed; entire experts are ignored while hearsay is held up as fact. It is of course anyone’s choice as to what they believe but to attack the views of others is ill advised if you haven’t done you own homework. It is also not wise to start with an assumption and then only document “stuff” that supports it. BTW it is already established fact that Christianity did not start in Europe – get a clue. Author, do your research.

  8. William Robinson says:

    I’ve heard Ray Hagins speak of this, you are on the money. We’ve been led astray.

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