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Cave Men & Mankind’s best friend

Cavemen, otherwise known as barbarians (savages), lived in the caves in a region known as the Caucus Mountains, a mountain system in Eurasia between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea where mountains ascend over 18,000 feet. These people considered prehistoric, were not the first humans on earth as some historians and scientist would like to assume humanity evolved from, but is instead the European people referred to today, as Caucasians. The word Caucasian, a portmanteau of the words Caucus and Asia, though according to the 11th century Georgian chronicler, deriving from Vainiakh ancestor to Kavkas, is one of the three appellations used when describing someone of the white race. The early origin of the Caucasoid race involved a large injection of Asian genes from Mongolia, Siberia and East Turkestan. The passage below describes the characteristics of the people from that region.

“the Caucasus has remained for the most part a very barbarous land. Its mountainous nature and the savage character of many of the peoples inhabiting it are in part, no doubt, responsible for this state of things; but Russia’s efforts to dominate rebellious nature and rebellious man have not proved adequate to the task.” armenianhouse.org

Cavemen have been stereotyped to have worn smock-like garments made of animal skin carrying large clubs. Due to the cold temperatures in the Caucus regions cave men were very hairy people who walked around on all fours mainly because of their living conditions. After a few thousand years of living in such vile conditions, many of the barbaric people migrated to different parts of the earth only after being taught civility.

The Dog

Researchers have found that all modern dogs DNA traces back to East Asia, Asia divided from Europe by the mountains and a great barrier of ice, snow and rock. The dog was one of the only beasts found in the Caucus region that befriended the barbarians. The reason supposedly stems from them feeding the dogs left over scraps and allowing the dogs to live amongst them. The dog further was useful when warning the people of other beasts, and for fighting. That would explain why the dog is mankind’s best friend.


Caucus Mountains

caucasian mountain dog Caucasian Mountain Dog

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