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Advertisers say black models don’t sell – Why whites shouldn’t be required to use black models

If a company knows their largest consumers are white people, why should they have to use black models? Why don’t black models go to black designers?

Chanel Iman, a successful black model, says she still gets the “sorry, we already have one black girl” excuse from certain designers and was asked by the Times of London if racism was still an issue in fashion:

“Yeah, most definitely,” she says forcefully. “A few times I got excused by designers who told me, ‘We already found one black girl. We don’t need you anymore.’ I felt very discouraged. When someone tells you, ‘We don’t want you because we already have one of your kind,’ it’s really sad.”- Chanel Iman

black model

Why should white designers have to hire black models?

Equal Opportunity

Enough with this, white companies should not be forced to lose potential consumers for using black faces in magazines or commercials.

Hiring a few black people to meet legal requirements isn’t helping blacks collectively. The only thing that could help blacks is if they create their own businesses, support black businesses, and hire their own people. Are blacks incapable of doing for self?

Reality check: Whites don’t have to do anything for blacks.

More money in white business

This is very true; there is more money to be made from white businesses, and this is because whites support white companies. Blacks’ economically supporting white companies is hurting blacks, not whites.  Whites are purchasing apparel from designers of the same race as them, not from black designers.  Blacks should learn from this.

Why do blacks insist on contributing to the success of white people even after some whites admit they don’t make their products for black people? Why do black people want to go where they are not wanted when they could spend their money at black companies?

There are black designers. If more blacks purchased clothing made by black designers, support and advertise black designers they could hire more black models. If black people supported their own black businesses and stop relying on whites to dress them, feed them, employ them, bath them, and adorn them, the amount of money blacks spend on material possessions, could generate more businesses allowing more employment opportunities to black people.

The power of black celebrities – black designers are not successful; their trends aren’t in, they use cheap materials

When you see black celebrities walking down the red carpet, they are draped in attire designed by white fashion designers. Most black designers are not successful because they cannot afford to be. If they don’t have black support, how can they be successful?


Black people have the power to grow the black enterprise. The masses of people are followers and follow trends that are popular. With this being stated, if more black celebrities supported black designers it would ultimately increase black revenue.


Let us use Beyoncé and L’Oreal as an example. Beyoncé wasn’t helping L’Oreal attract white consumers; her face encouraged black women to purchase their products. White women were not purchasing L’Oreal because Beyoncé was on the cover, but because L’Oreal is a white company.

Imagine if black celebrities supported black businesses. With black money being invested in white clothing companies and other non-black businesses, majority of black designers are unable to afford the higher quality materials required to produce high end apparel. There are several reasons black businesses fail, but it all stems from the lack of black support.


White designers speak out about their clothing

Tommy Hilfiger – “They were made for upper-class whites”

Liz Claiborne – “I don’t make clothes for black women to wear”

Blacks contributed to a man and woman who didn’t even have them in mind when designing clothes. More blacks purchase from non-black companies, than black companies.

What are black people going to do?

  • Black people have the power to grow the black enterprises; no one is preventing this from happening but blacks
  • Denying service or a person the right to purchase a product is different than paying a salary to a person who will not help sales
  • Black people get too sensitive about how they are discriminated against when they could easily stop buying from white companies and invest in their own helping black companies to grow.

There is just as much money to be made in the black business world if blacks supported their own businesses.

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