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Tips for living a more fulfilling life

You have seen every movie, experienced every exhibit or event in your city, traveled the world, performed every sexual position, discussed many topics, your place of worship is unfulfilling, get bored with every lover, your job sucks, or your mate gets on your nerves. You have moments when you are temporarily satisfied but it doesn’t last long, you get irritated easily, you feel alone, find yourself involved in others personal lives, your life lacks adventure/ excitement, and everything seems to be a complete disaster.  Not worth taking pills over, drinking yourself to death, overeating, or masturbating every chance you get. You are suffering from something called boredom.

The symptoms are: Feeling of emptiness, never satisfied, and overindulgence.

Some people believe that the answer to their emptiness is someone or something that’s provides a temporary fix, with no long term benefits. That is why there are so many people who can’t be alone, jump from one relationship to the next, and accept anyone in their life just to have someone, become alcoholics, develop drug habits, overeat, or become sex addicts. These are people who feel unfulfilled and instead of addressing their issues in a constructive way to break cycles, they live a life of insanity.

Take a break from the things you tend to engage in excessively and just relax.

Tips for overcoming boredom


Abstaining from desires


Eating healthy foods


Surrounding yourself with positive people

Imagining yourself relaxed


What do you do when you feel unfulfilled?

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