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Julianne Hough Apologizes for Black Face Costume

Julianne Hough apologized for wearing a black face at a Halloween party in Hollywood with friends.  She was dressed up as the African-American inmate Crazy Eyes, so memorably portrayed by Uzo Aduba on “Orange Is the New Black.” The actress was attending the Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Hollywood with friends.

The “Dancing With the Stars” winner and “Rock of Ages” actress quickly apologized on Twitter for her choice of costume.

Julianne Houghcrazy eyes

Why did she feel she had to apologize?

It was just a party

If that is offensive to blacks what about celebrities like Niki Manaj, Lil Kim, and other black female celebrities who dress up like white women, except they do it everyday not just once a year. Julianne painted her face Niki Manaj and Lil Kim bleached.

Nicki_Minaj_Curly_blondelil kim

Black people are quick to pull the race card or get offended but they dish out racial jokes, photos, imitate yet never asked to apologize.

If you don’t like what celebrities say or do just don’t support them. When a celebrity does something “offensive” and they apologize it means absolutely nothing.  The incident took place, it offended some, it’s recorded, there is evidence, and there is nothing else anyone can do about it.

Julianne’s apology didn’t remove the photo from online which means when blacks see it they will still be offended.

Black people should stop complaining about what whites say or do and take action simply by not supporting them financially.

Any business owner or celebrity will apologize if they feel not doing so will hurt their bank account.

Think about that.

Why do blacks feel they can do things that whites can’t?

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