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Why white women “love” black men? by WEHNAM

Top reasons why white women love black menyoknyamdabale”

1. “Rhythm in Bed” – Black men have good sex

2. “The skin” – Black skin feels great on white skin

3. “Treat them right” – Black men cater to white women and treat them right

4. “Confidence” – A black man’s presence is amazing

5. “They are healthy “ – Black men take good care of their skin

6. “European men are very feminine”

7. “Never a dull moment” – Black men are entertaining

8. “Good looking” – Black men are sexy

1. As it relates to reason # 3 white women claim that black men treat them right and give them respect. Are black women missing something because most of the cries I hear from them is about how, black men are disrespectful and treat them like shit. So if white women generally are claiming that black men treat them with respect, is it safe to say that black men consider white women more valuable than black women? Or we could say, some black men internalized self-hate, that they don’t see their black counterpart as equals to whites.

2. Are black men only good for sex? Because 99% of the white women in the clip agreed that black men scored high in sex.

3. Are these claims  by white women relevant today?

4.  Are white women and black men in interracial relationship promoting racist- white supremacists stereotype about black men? Limiting them to sex objects with no intellect to create and lead ….

Read more in detail at the blog below (Photos are present)

“No Brain, Just Pain”

Are black men sex objects with no brains or intellect?

Do white women only like the physical and sex of a black man?

Are black men white women’s toys?

Do black men suffer from the King Kong Syndrome?

Why are white men so powerful and successful?

Does bad sex (white men) = rich and powerful and, great sex (black men) = poor and ignorant?

Do only the intellectual black men date black women?  

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