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Why skinny black males date obese white women?

In majority of cases, skinny black men who date obese white women are usually “struggling in life”, meaning they are either unemployed, never worked, was previously incarcerated, have a chemical dependency, insecure with their own physical appearance, need a place to live or money, find that black women aren’t attracted to them, the list goes on. These men usually confess white women are much easier to get and treats them the way they like. Not just any white woman but an obese white woman. Why? When they are down on their luck they tend to go after what they feel or know will not reject them. Unlike many black women who would turn away a black male who doesn’t have his life together or would tell a black male to “Get your black ass up and go get a job”, most white women will accept them, go to work and provide for him. These men claim that white women usually won’t say anything just allow them to do what they want and do anything to please them.

skinny black male with fat white woman

Why do obese white women date black men?

White women love white men, but they also need love and when their own race of men isn’t attracted to them, they tend to date outside their race. White men have higher standards when choosing a woman than most black men. Majority of white men prefer their women slender and even if the white woman is unattractive but slender, he would choose her over a more attractive obese white woman. Black men on the other hand, will date a woman with meat on her bones but usually if black males circumstances were better they would not date an obese white woman, and in many cases not even an obese black woman. All women regardless of their race want to be loved, but if your own race of men doesn’t want you, you go to what will accept you. This is the mentality for many white women who date black men usually because they are not the wanted “stock” within their own race.

In a way both parties are “using” or “settling” for each other, and maybe it all works out for the best. Regardless of a person’s circumstance no one should never use nor settle for someone just to have someone. Read “Women who can’t be alone” or “Unemployed with no benefits”



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