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How to determine if your woman is a liability- What’s your situation?

Is your woman a liability?

  • Emotionally needy/Insecure/Craves for constant attention
  • Never satisfied
  • Unsupportive
  • Initiates arguments
  • Put down your hobbies/goals
  • Disrespectful
  • Distrustful
  • Cold and vengeful

When a woman displays any of the above behaviors, it can be very draining and prevent you from moving forward if you allow it.

Are you currently depending on  your woman?

If you are relying on her in anyway, whether for a ride to work, a place to stay, or for food to eat, you may need to let it all go, chalk up your pride, and make some ultimate sacrifices, otherwise, you will find yourself in the same situation if indeed she is a liability.

Do’s and Don’ts when you have nothing to call your own but trying to improve your life

  • Never rely on her (Don’t)
  • Do take public transportation
  • Do borrow from friends or family for cash or food, if necessary
  • Do go to a homeless shelter and struggle if you have no one else to rely on
  • Do get away from her!!!!

Are you using a woman to get ahead?

If you are only with a woman because she can provide what you need for the time being, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Some women know when a man is only involved with them because he is dependent or struggling and will use it to their advantage, especially if the women are insecure and desperate. This type of woman will try anything in her ability to make you suffer so you will always depend on her, and you will find yourself in a continual rut. You reap what you sow.

Then there are those women who are genuine and supportive with hopes that once you’ve accomplished your goals you both will live happily ever after. These are usually the women who end up hurt and damaged, becoming distrustful of men, all because of you. They don’t know your true motives and wind up investing themselves emotionally and financially to help you when your motives are self centered. The best approach is being honest upfront, you will be surprised what doors that may open for you. If not, then remember, karma is a bitch.

Struggling with the woman you love?

If she is a “liability”, you may need to focus on your goals by doing what you feel is necessary to move forward. Staying in unhealthy relationships can be anyone’s downfall.

If you love the woman you are with and she loves, respects, encourages and supports you during trying times she is an asset, and you should consider yourself lucky.

Remember no situation is permanent and remaining positive will bring forth positive outcomes.

Is your woman a liability or are you holding yourself back?

Share your experiences with women.

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