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Future Minority Fears – “How will people treat a white minority”

As America slowly approaches the year 2050 a major concern regarding safety for the Caucasian race arises. For those who do not know 2050 is the approximated year that has been determined by demographers when the “Minorities” in America will become the “Majority” in America, and vice versa. In states such as Georgia it has been determined that whites will be the minorities in 2025, while in other states in which minorities are rapidly growing such as California, Texas, and a few others the cultural population will change within the next 7 years. Many white organizations are concerned about becoming the new minority encouraging white people to purchase as many fire arms as possible for protection against the future majority. American Nazi’s have web content that poses the question “How will the people treat a white minority?”, and even more concerned about the treatment of their children in schools and in society. White supremacy groups such as the Klu Klux Klan, American Nazi Party, The Aryan Nation, and others have been consistently advising white people to keep their race pure by not mixing their blood with those of other racial groups. These groups believe that power comes in numbers and is necessary to continue the white legacy.

How will people treat the “white minority”? Should this be a concern for white people? How do white people treat minorities?

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