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“Discipline in a Capsule” ADHD in children

What does it mean to be a mother today?

There was a time when mothers cooked, taught, bathed, dressed, and disciplined their children, while the men went out each day to provide for the family. As time progressed and roles began to change, increasing the number of single (women) parent households, women became intimately involved with “McDonalds” and the children loved it.

The children were taught how to act and dress by the media (television and internet) all because mom was engaged in her own activities. The children grew unruly, failed in school; adults complained about their behavior, the home turned into a play ground and Ms. Mom, exhausted from a long hard day of work, longed for some assistance.

She ran to “Mr. & Mrs. Doctor” who provided a quick answer and solution, informing Ms. Mom that her children suffered from a disorder called Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder also known as “being a child” and prescribed a discipline that would help the child focus, sleep, and behave, a CAPSULE. Mom was grateful, not foreseeing the depression and insomnia and other health problems the child would undergo without the capsule, but instead allowed a pain free pill to discipline her children.

Did you know…

Doctors have no idea what causes ADHD.

It is very likely that doctors and researchers has not disclosed the cause of ADHD because they would lose millions of dollars especially if this modern day epidemic is triggered by chemicals and preservatives in food and other environmental pollutants, as well as lack of discipline.

What has changed in children’s lives today than in the lives of children decades ago?

Why are children so different now?

Should children be medicated for their behavior?

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