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When sexually abused Heterosexual boys grow up to be Homosexual Men – A perspective

When heterosexual boys grow up to be homosexuals, some people (especially those in the LGBT community and supporters) will claim, “He was born that way”, “just accept him for who he is”, or “there is nothing wrong with him, he is only expressing himself”.  Some of these people don’t take into consideration what led those boys or men to become a part of the homosexual lifestyle, or even after it has been revealed that the men were victims of sexual abuse as children by other males consider that this boy or man is only this way because of what happened to him as a child. Is that normal?


If a man says he became homosexual because he was raped by a man as a child, is that not a person that needs counseling? Shouldn’t he want to be a part of it because he has a natural attraction to men, he was “born that way”, or he just chose the lifestyle because he wanted to and not because he was raped by a male as a child?

The victims of sexual abuse may not have anyone tell them that they don’t have to become involved with other males, act like a woman because of what has happened to them, that what happened to them was not right, or that the sexual abuse could be the reason they feel the way they do, and there is someone out there who can help. Instead, they have one side telling them “you were born this way”, and others passing judgment or making fun of them, not understanding their past and what led them to be the way they are today.

Though many of the sexual abuse stories go unheard or may never be revealed because of the shame some of these men may feel, the reality is a lot of the homosexual boys and men you are seeing today have an awful story tied behind their life. If this problem isn’t addressed, the solution for young boys who are sexually abused by men will just be to join the homosexual community. Is that fair?


Many of these boys and men are unaware that their sexual urges, desires

and cravings for the male is because of the anal penetration, molestation, and other erotic physical and mental exposure they received as children, at the hands of another male. Is it good for them to crave for something that was forced on them as children?

When people discuss the contributing factors that led many to a homosexual lifestyle, and try to reach out and help those individuals by recommending counseling etc., some of the people in the LGBT communities immediately get on the defense and start speaking out as if someone is trying to force someone to be heterosexual, not considering those same men were forced into homosexuality. This is no different than any other experiences people have in their childhood. When a parent is a habitual drug user, you may find their children growing up to be drug users. When young girls are molested or raped, many grow up to be promiscuous. A young boy who sees his father abusing his mother could easily grow up and do the same thing to his wife. If a person grows up in a racist household they too can end up racist. So what happens when a young boy is sexually abused as a child? What does he turn out to be?

With the world embracing homosexuality, making it appear to be something that is perfectly natural (no matter the circumstance), a sexually abused boy has no chance in getting to the root of an underlying problem which will give him the option to move on and live whatever life he chooses without him thinking that because he was abused, he has no other choice but a homosexual lifestyle. Being that the problem is camouflaged with smiles and propaganda stating “Gay is the way”; he thinks how he is feeling is normal (and in some cases hates himself, or think something went wrong when he was born), when what he is feeling was learned and the same thing (male) he desires now was the contributing factor to his homosexual lifestyle.

On another note, there are men who were sexually abused as children and grow up becoming sexual predators themselves. However, like the man who starts liking men after being penetrated at such a young age, the sexual predator, also a victim, copes in a different way, finding an interest in young boys just like his “role models” chose him.


People will say being homosexual isn’t hurting anyone and it doesn’t mean all homosexuals will commit a crime. This article is not implying that all homosexuals are committing sexual crimes as some people will claim just to discredit the information being delivered. This is to discuss the young boys who end up desiring men when they get older because of the sexual abuse they experienced as a youth by males and not getting the help and support they need to fight those cravings that were forced upon them as a child. Many of them do not think there is anything they can do about it and this is to let those who have experienced know there are other options and what they are experienced was not normal or natural because it was forced on them.

If you are born homosexual or selected to be homosexual then this doesn’t apply, but for any male molested as a child by the same sex if you are confused or unhappy in the homosexual lifestyle, seek help from people who are “independent observers”, and will not just tell you to be the way you are being when it is clear you are that way because of what happened to you, especially if you are shamed, insecure, or hating yourself. Just because society says something is okay doesn’t mean it is for you. It is never too late.


This goes for sexual abuse on young boys in synagogues, churches, at home, in shelters, in school, etc. And for those who have an issue with this article note:

  1. When these young boys are sexually abused it is by homosexual men not heterosexual men.

  1. People are quick to call out a race, religion, gender when a crime is committed so there should be nothing wrong when someone calls out any other lifestyle which includes homosexual lifestyles.

  1. Every person that is a part of the LGBT community is not just there because they love being homosexual, there are some in it because they felt they had no other choice. That goes for anything people become a part of.

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