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Today’s Human Property– Mr. Jenkins Part 1

Written  by: Black History 101

It’s 2014 and Mr. Jenkins, a black man, is proud to be a Jenkins. Why? He has no idea what his original last name is, so he represents the name he was given by his slave master. He was given the last name “Jenkins” to distinguish him as the property of his slave owner. There were no records kept of the original names of black slaves, so many blacks today are holding European surnames. Even though very few blacks have taken the liberty to establish new names to obtain an identity that distinguish them from being property and formed cultures of their own, Mr. Jenkins hasn’t. Mr. Jenkins laughs at those few blacks, calling them crazy because he doesn’t understand the logic, and doesn’t want white society to think he is part of the “black” troubles.

Mr. Jenkins, however, has a concern that he fails to verbally admit. He wants to know why he has to work twice as hard to get a position in corporate America even though he is more qualified than his opponents, why his son didn’t get a fair trial, why his daughter bleached her skin and dyed her hair blond, why his wife disrespects him, and why his faith in God continues to fail him.

Mr. Jenkins is a grown black man with no identity of his own, wearing the name of his oppressor, going to his oppressor for work instead of creating his own company, allowing his oppressor to feed his family because he owns no land to grow food or grocery stores to feed his own. In addition, Mr. Jenkins has to purchase his oppressor’s homes because he can’t build one of his own. Mr. Jenkins also allows the oppressor to teach his wife and children his (the oppressor’s) lifestyle because he (Mr. Jenkins) has not established a culture of his own. Mr. Jenkins praises a “white Jesus” because he refuses to learn for himself and accepts the way his faith was taught to him by his oppressor. He displays hatred for his own black brother in the streets because it pleases his oppressor and will make other oppressors fond of him.

Mr. Jenkins is dependent, a follower, lost, and blind. He is the property of his oppressor, and he is not respected.

Mr. Jenkins is Black America.

If you don’t know who you are why expect anyone to respect you? How can a man be respected if he has no respect for self?

Have you seen the “Knickers” commercial?


Slavery should be remembered not mocked or forgotten

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