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The Slavery Argument & Interracial Dating

“Black men claim slavery is not an issue when choosing a white counterpart because white women didn’t play a role in slavery, but instead white men”

Many black women ask black men: Why date white women given the history of slavery? Though it may seem like a logical and fair question (hint holocaust Jewish dating Germans) instead of answering the question some black men have flipped the question asking black women: Why date white men? Implying white women were not responsible for any of the inhumane acts towards blacks during slavery it was all white men.

White women and their role

Though it is very true white men were responsible for majority of the killings and beatings the reality of it is majority of white women were just as guilty. How? It was never the role of women especially white women to physically kill or beat slaves because those matters were dealt with by their husbands or other white males. The woman’s role was to be a wife and mother and nothing more, though white women did have a more underhand approach in abusing black slaves.

slavery hanging

White women raped

Keep in mind it would have been unladylike to beat, or kill a slave, and white women were not physically strong enough to physically rape the male slaves so instead they took a more tactful inconspicuous approach. White women knew that black male slaves feared their husbands (white master) so the black male slave being tamed obeyed masters wife. She did not have to rape by force because the male slave obediently gave into her request just as they (male slaves) tolerated the sexual abuse performed by white male slave masters.white naked women with female slaves2

The white mistress would demand the black man in her presence when her husband was away from the home to engage in sexual activities, the black male slave knowing she was out of place and the consequences if he was caught also knew that if he denied the white mistress she would lie and accuse him of rape and he would still get killed so he did what any sane person would do if their only choice was to die. When a white woman became pregnant and wasn’t sure if it was her husbands or the black slave (and keep in mind abortion was not permitted especially if married, and condoms were nonexistent) when the child was born if the baby had black features she would squeal rape to save face and not only would the black male slave be killed, but the newborn baby as well. White men were not killing their white wives for having sexual intercourse with black men. Even if a white woman told the truth about being the initiator the black male would still get killed and nothing would happen to the white woman in most cases.

White women tortured black women

Though this is taboo and never discussed white women sexually abused black female slaves in absence of their husbands. White women would physically torture female slaves with foreign objects amputating their nipples, breasts, cutting or damaging the vagina so the husband would no longer desire them. Some white women like their husbands would force female slaves to perform cunnilingus and other sexual acts.

white women tortured


White women black slave children

Yes, the children were also physically abused, babies were suffocated, children were drowned, poisoned murdered in other ways and overworked by the white female especially if the child was a product of her husband. Like any woman she became furious at her husband’s actions but upholding her image as most wives did during that time she took out her anger on the offspring.

white slave father of black child


Purchasing slaves

White women played the exact role of their husbands, actively engaged in the trading and purchasing of slaves. Of course the property (slaves) would legally be the white males because women were not in charge of the finances but the selecting like any other merchandise was joint decisions, and even white children took part in it when they were of age. White females were always present. If the roles of women were different many of them would have behaved the same as the white males because the mentality of majority of whites, male and female, were the same. Whites felt they were superior, blacks were animals, and they treat them as such.

slave bill of sale

Black women raising white women’s children

If a mother had her children doing everything while she sat around and did nothing most people will say it was wrong, right? Well this is no different than what white women did to female slaves, black women raised their (whites) children, cleaned, cooked, and all the other household and outdoor duties, for free while being openly disrespected and abused.

black slave with white child

It wasn’t that white women didn’t play a part it was just the roles of men and women during that time were different.


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