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President Obama resembles the Devil from the television series “The Bible”, and the concern about the Jesus character

Some are claiming the Devil on the series “The Bible”, resembles President Barack Obama, causing an outrage by Obama supporters, while others make further humorous remarks asserting the devil character looks more like an Obama Sith, from Star Wars. While this is the perception of those making the claims, a real concern for many is the Jesus character on the new series. For centuries, the perception of Jesus has been very ambiguous while misleading many people into believing that Jesus of Nazareth was a white man. Though these allegations have been proven otherwise by scholars and historians, the images and characters in movies, TV series, and paintings to date still display a “white” Jesus.

Though some will claim it doesn’t matter the race of Jesus, or question the significance in knowing his race, others proclaim the false perceptions has blinded masses of people leading to one of the many critical components developing an inferiority complex in many non-whites. In addition, claims are made that the images being displayed as a white man is another way to conquer and control non-white people.


Do you think the image of the devil in the series resembles President Obama?

Should Obama supporters be outraged?

Is there an underlying message comparing the President with the Devil?

If it doesn’t matter the race of Jesus then why create an image in the first place?

If it doesn’t matter the color of Jesus skin, why portray him as a white man?

What is the race of Jesus of Nazareth?

Should movies, TV series, and paintings be required to display only photos of males with darker tones?


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