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“My Black Baby” – Why whites adopt black children

Written by: Statiss

A transracial family is a family consisting of two or more races. Some examples are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s family, Sandra Bullock and her black son, Madonna and her black daughter and several other white celebrities with non-white children.

There doesn’t seem like anything is wrong with the mentioned families; they are financially stable, loving, respected, and clearly want children, right?

Though we see these rich people who can clearly provide a comfortable life for their children, no matter the race of the child, some people still ask why white people are adopting black children when there are plenty of white children to adopt.

Below are a few reasons why some people believe white people are adopting black children.

1.      Genuine Love/Empathy –Some people are very genuine and want to provide a better future for a child and may truly feel they can help. Seeing the condition of most blacks today some whites just want to help. They are also aware that whites are in a better situation and they want to help someone less fortunate to secure a prosperous future, which is why you will find them adopting children from third world countries.

2.      Quicker to adopt a black child/Want a child- Black children are least likely to be adopted so there is usually no waiting list. You have those people who just want a child to add to their family and don’t care about the race and raises that child as their own.

3.        Security – Some believe whites are adopting blacks for security. They feel since white people are becoming the minority, having a black person in their family will make other blacks more sympathetic and accepting of them if a race war were to arise

4.       Trendy – People see celebrities do it, and adopting a black child is the “in thing” to do. Some assume celebrities do it as a financial move to somehow attract or gain the support of black people or for publicity. It is like the carrying of a small dog in a purse to most people; it’s a new trend.

5.      Diversity in the home. Some families who already have white children adopt black children so their white children are exposed to a different race and culture, creating a diverse atmosphere to make their experiences in the real world more serene. It’s all about the learning experience.

6.      Attention Junkies – Some people adopt black children to make themselves feel important. They like the attention they are getting when someone snares up, or ask questions about raising a black child and feeling as if they are doing a great deed. This self-seeking pleasure is only temporary because like with everything else, it will get old and the person will try to find a new fix.

Why aren’t blacks adopting black children?

Well, according to most adoption agencies, blacks are not always in a financial state to adopt black children, and adopting can be very expensive.

If blacks don’t want to adopt or can’t adopt the black children then why are they so concerned with white doing it.

How do blacks feel about it?

Some black parents who give their children up for adoption want white parents for their children, claiming they know their child will be cared for and put in a better financial state than if they were with a black family.

Some black people support whites adopting blacks, claiming it is in the best interest of the child and apparently, the black parents didn’t want the child and people shouldn’t be concerned why whites are adopting.

Some blacks feel the child will lose a sense of self by being raised with white people and when the child gets into the real world and starts experiencing racism and other black problems, white people won’t be able to identify with those issues.

Questioning blacks against whites adopting black children

How are black children learning about their identity or gaining an identity of self (as a black person) in a shelter or foster home? What black history are they learning about in shelters or foster homes? What has the concerned black people learned different in regards to their race as black people other than what whites have taught them?

Most black people are allowing a school system designed by whites to educate their children.

What exactly are black people going to teach those black children any different than whites, when most blacks are striving to have the lifestyles of most whites by embracing and accepting everything whites have embraced? How can a black person make a difference in a black child’s life if black people can’t even afford to adopt children or choose not to?

If anything, if you are that concerned about black children being with black families, start up a program or foundation that can help black businesses prosper, help black families get in a better financial state to adopt those black children. Don’t just complain or be concerned about white people adopting black children. What are “concerned blacks” going to do for black children in shelters? What is the solution?

What is in the best interest of the child?

Even though people have their opinions about whites adopting black children look at the number of black children who are raised in foster care and the psychological effect it has on them as children and during adolescence. Some result into a life of crime.

So which is better? A child being raised in a shelter, potentially being moved from family to family? Or being raised with a permanent family, who can provide everything they need to prosper?

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