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Is the transgendered black man the new black woman?

We live in a society in which the media influences the masses’ outlook on life – from the way we look, what we eat, how we act, and in most cases, the overall lifestyles we choose. Just as racial propaganda has formed stereotypes, homosexual propaganda plays a major role in determining ones sexual preference, peaking curiosity, and making a once known taboo desirable. Homosexuality may be a lifestyle to some, but for others, it has become the in thing to do, which is why you may find that homosexuality has become extremely popular.

With that being said, check out the photos below of model Tyson Beckford and transgendered model Ines Rau.


The media is society’s eyes leading, the blind and forming a society to be controlled.

Everything advertised is what the media wants society to accept. Though media may deny the intentions of these photos, the reality is that their intent is an indirect promotion of black homosexuality.


Black Men

Are these photographs demeaning to black men? Is this another way to create a stereotype?



tyson5 (1)

We understand how much influence the media has over people and their perceptions based on the many stereotypes created by the media. How will the images be perceived by young black boys, teenagers and other races of people who see such images? What will be there thoughts when they see grown men in posing in an intimate way?

Does it make men appear to be less of a man? Is it promoting homosexuality within the black communities?

Before you answer this question, think about how black men have always been perceived in a negative light and the affects these photos can have on the black community.

The New Black Woman

By displaying such photos with famous celebrities such as Tyson Beckford and knowing how majority of the information that we receive is generated by media, what is this indirectly saying about the black man and woman?

Has a transgendered man become the new woman for black men?


About the photos

 Tyson Beckford and Transgender model Ines Rau


Ines Rau recently came out as a transgender woman. She spoke a bit about the decision to come out publicly to

“Is there anyone in the industry who has inspired you to tell your story as transgender?

Yes, the one and only Tula. After reading her book [I Am Woman] at least two times I realized how important it is to assume who you are with no fears. I am twenty-four years old and have done the change very young, at 16. Until now I wasn’t really out about it. I just woke up one day realizing that it’s enough, I need to embrace who I am and be loved for what I am and what I have been through- without the fear of being rejected.

What would you say to kids struggling with gender identity?

I would tell them to follow what’s in their hearts and to not be scared to do what they have to do if necessary. But very important to have consulted specialists to make sure that changing your body is the right answer. Having a sex change is not the answer to insecurities or other issues, a lot of transgender do not understand that it has to be done with reflection: because of a real deep desire to be a woman from a younger age. It’s fabulous the level of happiness- it’s just absolutely impossible to describe. I’m the happiest girl in the world, just being what I wanted to be. You have to love yourself enough to go for it without the fear of being judged or rejected. That’s my advice for them.”

Feminist Organizations

Would this be degrading to women if Tyson Beckford was posing with a natural woman? Or is it acceptable because the model is transgendered?

What about Justin Timberlake’s video, “Tunnel Vision”?

tunnel vision 2 (1)


Tunnel Vision is the name of a song by pop singer Justin Timberlake. The video of said song displays multiple women in the nude.  Many women spoke out about this video, claiming it was sexist and demeaning to women. Even the wife of Timberlake called it “tacky”. Many of the same women who support homosexuals will say the above photographs are a piece of art.

Is it different?

If Justin Timberlake’s video is meaningless as many women claim, then explain what is the point in Ines Rau posing in such a sexual manner with Tyson Beckford?

LGBT Community

How do transgender men feel about the photos above?

Most transgendered men consider themselves women and want to be treated as such. Many want the same respect in society as any other woman. They do all of the same things women do, purchase the same products, clothes, and accessories, act, and display everything as a woman. Are they offended by the photos?

Is the media’s image of portraying black men hurting or helping the black community.

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