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New Era Crabs in the Bucket

Written by: James Bruin

As I drove to work this foggy rainy, founder’s day of my fraternity Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Inc. celebrating 103 years. I reflected on where we as a people have evolved / grown, and how much very more we have to go. As a child growing up, my parents instilled in my siblings & I that there was always a HIGHER standard that we will be held because of our skin. This is something I feel is even more prevalent today than ever. When President Obama ran for re-election in 2012 the Black voter turnout was 86%, yet, on November 04, it was 53%. There are still well over 200k Blacks in Georgia that are unregistered voters. I was so very proud to have served as a presidential fellow in 2012, leading teams to Florida as we did the unthinkable winning the state for President Obama & Democrats.

Yet this was where the complacency begins; because for many Blacks they viewed President Obama as our great omnipotent savoir who would make EVERYTHING right. I’ll never forget when I was debating on a September Saturday afternoon with a brotha in the projects of Jacksonville, Fl about why he should vote for President Obama. As we both debated our points he continued to drink his beer from a paper bag telling me he didn’t vote and that Obama hadn’t done anything for him nor help him to get a job. As I looked at him I could clearly tell that he wouldn’t take responsibility for his own actions pointing blame at others for his own flaws. After thanking him & walking away I pondered sadly over how many Blacks nationwide feels the same exact way as he did.

Now let me not be remiss in acknowledging President Obama won his re-election by more than just Blacks. By all accord Hispanics, Whites, Republicans, moderates, & women all played a major part in re-electing him. Yet, it needs to state clearly that ever since his re-election his enemies are now fighting full swing against him & his agenda. Throughout Obama’s second term his enemies’ daily display their discontent with him seeking to do ALL that they can to tear him down, his supporters and other Black leaders subconsciously. Presently, my fraternity brother, worldwide comedian & philanthropist Bill Cosby has been having women (presently 13) come forward accusing him of drugging them and in certain instances raping him. I am not Cosby’s judge or jury so I am not saying that he did or didn’t do anything to these women. What pisses me off first is Hannibal Burress, a Black comedian, sought to make a joke about Cosby in his video performance (which went viral). Let me be perfectly clear if Bill Cosby hadn’t pioneered success as a Black comedian then there Burress wouldn’t have half of the success he has. For Burress to use that as an opportunity to SELF-PROMOTE his below mediocre comedic skills is ignorant & lame I’ll NEVER support Burress and personally I’ve lost TOTAL RESPECT for him. Secondly in my opinion as much as society has seen daily, via all various forms of media, about these women & Bill Cosby the same coverage should be given to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson (who has had donors create a fund & raised well over 100k) to cover any lawyer expenses he should incur while awaiting the grand jury ruling.

As the picture powerfully displays far too often we as a race overall seemingly appear to be crabs in a bucket pulling each other down only thinking about self and not thinking as a whole. As a teenager my parents always told me to NEVER forget family, your race, or where you came from. I pray for the day when we as Blacks will again think like this. It may not be in my lifetime or my step-children, god children, or nieces / nephew’s life time, but it is my sincere prayer that we will learn that we can accomplish so much working together than on our own.

We as Blacks have buying & voting power. It’s time we learn again to use it rather than letting others take us for granted.

Proud Omega Man that wanted to give ALL something to think about!!!!

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