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Black Products for White Profit – The Declining Black Economy

Black people are reaching certain levels of consciousness, making them more interested in purchasing more organic natural products for hair, skin, and their health in addition to stimulating their minds with knowledge from black scholars and the true history of black people.  Being a crafty capitalistic driven race, white people will find a market to benefit them as they always have.  Now most whites are aware of three major things when it comes to black people. White people are aware that black people are:

  1. One of America’s largest consumers
  2. Becoming more self-aware
  3. Very trusting of white people

They also know that their (white) race is declining every time they mix their blood with black people and that they (whites) are indeed becoming the minority.  So what better way to stay in power and excel in wealth than finding every avenue to capitalize?

Black Consumers

Black people love to spend money because most blacks have always been without and tend to want the things they never had. Black people spend billions of dollars on clothing, skin and hair care products and less money on the things to generate more money like land, real estate, and investing in black companies. They are a nation of people who are trying to have the material things whites have always had in their possession in America, not realizing that seeking materialistic things will be their destruction as a race because they will lack the necessary resources necessary to sustain black people such as food, clothing, and shelter. We witness this every time we go to poverty stricken areas; you see more homeless and starving blacks than any other race in America.


However, even with all the things that are wrong within the black communities, there are some black people who are learning and embracing the true history and knowledge of black people never taught in American schools; a history and knowledge that isn’t accepted by the masses of people. The “conscious” people are trying to elevate people dying from a lack of knowledge because they are aware that the only thing that can change the conditions of poor or uniformed blacks is a change in mentality. There isn’t a huge market for knowledge within the black nation because black people don’t “read” and have been conditioned to accept what Europeans have taught them. Blacks are not only mentally dependent but also physically dependent on white people.

Despite the fact that most blacks have always relied on information from whites, the black people who are learning more about themselves are unknowingly providing a new market for white people. White people are finding ways not only to use black people as the face of black products (though it is to benefit the white community) but they also taking black knowledge and presenting it as their own new teachings to blacks about themselves (blacks).  Yes, you will start finding white people teaching blacks about Kemet, and more whites selling black audios and videos of “black knowledge” related topics and portraying to accept and side with blacks as a means to stay in some control. They are aware that most blacks will be more receptive to information coming from whites and black people will be more accepting of them thinking they are on blacks’ side if they get more “black knowledge”.

New Market

Black knowledge is the new market (hair, skin, information). White people’s lies are being exposed through black scholars who are learning the truth about their own culture. This is causing more black people to embrace black culture and history and denounce or reject popular belief which is a lie that has been told for centuries as a mean to control black people. There is a saying that goes, “The white man’s heaven is a black man’s hell”; well the black man’s heaven is a white man’s destruction. White people know that the key for blacks to rise up is knowledge of self, which many black people don’t have because they are accustomed to European concepts and the information that white people has given them in schools, media, and observation. They see a huge market for black people who are now seeking the truth out for themselves and because they are aware that black people trust white people they will learn black truths and teach it to black people like it is their own. But what many black people don’t understand is that a white man can’t teach black people about themselves because white people only know the black person they (whites) created through physical and mental slavery, not the black man who is conscious and aware of who he is. The white people are only aware of the physical aspects of black people and not the spiritual or inner being.  This is why when non-black women explain the reasons they love black men, it has something to do with the physical aspects of that man, because they don’t know what lies beneath but then again neither does he.

Why are there more homeless, unemployed, and dying blacks than any other race?

employment 2black homeless

Black people trust white people

Most black people are ignorant and they are the most forgiving and trustful people on the earth as it relates to white people. They don’t trust their own and have no love for their own people, but they trust and love white people. So when a white person says something they accept it as truth and facts and knock down black people who say something because they think it’s just black talk and that black people are creating hatred and racism by exposing black truths. A black man’s truth is racism but a white man’s lies are facts in the eyes of most black people.

white man 4

In regards to history you find black people today stating that slavery is in the past and we need to move forward and we are all one. But what they fail to realize is our embracing of white culture is killing us. We have learned from them how to hate ourselves and love them and that is what we see today. Many black people are trying to be like white people, befriending white people, and speaking against their own people (blacks). Why can’t a black man love and embrace his own culture without being called a racist? All other races love and embrace their culture. Black people have a tendency of trying to travel the world and find a culture to embrace and accept everyone’s culture but their own. They are pushing dollars into the white communities, while they are dying in their own, and the few black people who have things have the same mentality whites have towards blacks. They don’t trust another person of their own nation. White people trust people who look like them and black people don’t.

Realistically, you can’t fault white people for being smart, securing a future for their own race, even at the cost of another’s ignorance. If there is a market for it, why not profit? If blacks continue to buy into the whites’ agenda, they will be the ones who suffer at the end. Whites have the food, shelter, and clothing business on lock. What do blacks have?


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